High Sensitivity Propeller Balancer (max 300g prop) is unbalanced


I’ve contacted support twice and in 2 weeks and I haven’t received an answer yet.
I’ve bought the prop balancer mentioned in the title as part of order #16600 and it is itself unbalanced. This resulted in wrongly balanced props that caused even more vibrations than before.

See the video:


I am very sorry about you not recieving any of our replies, but I have replied to you both times, with the first being on 6th Jan, and the second on 11th, but it seems you did not recieve them. Perhaps you should check your email filters, or they went to your junk folder for some reason: Below is my first reply. But essentially just send the item back and we will replace it with perfectly balanced one., or give you a full refund.

Sorry again about our emails not getting through, but not sure why that is as have not had this issue before?

But on a side note, these prop balancers often need a bit of tweaking in order to get them balanced, so you just need to use a file and balance each aluminium nut one at a time and file off the side that is heavier.


I did a little digging and it seems to be my fault. Basically my google account has run-out of space and google stopped receiving my emails without any warning on the android app. They only give a warning if you visit the online version of GMAIL.

Sorry for this. I will contact you again from the support form.

Thanks for your reply, we will deal with your return as soon as we get it back. I do believe @Sam has just sent you an email with return instructions.