Help with KK 2.1.5 board please - not saving parameters

This issue (now ha ha) is that every time I go to fly, I have to reset the FC board to quad X. It defaults every time the battery is unplugged to the top factory default. What is odd is that is the only setting that returns to default. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Sorry to hear about that, do you know what version firmware you have on your board? It might be best to try to reflash the firmware to see if that will help.

Otherwise did you purchase your KK2.1.5 from us?

It is an HK purchase. I have not updated the firmware and am just now reading how to go about that. Bought a USBasp device. It won’t arrive until later this week. Read some new user manuals and they reference menu options not available on my board. Misc Settings 2. Gyro settings. Ect. Big learning curve in getting to know what you need to set up correctly to do 3D acrobatics. The factory settings are set up for basic / beginner flights. I learned I need to make a lot a adjustments if I want to loop and roll.

Ok, my suggestion would be to try to upgrade the firmware as the first step. But otherwise if the board is faulty hopefully you can convince HK to give you a replacement, but usually that can prove to be tricky.

We have some details including a video on how to upgrade firmware on your KK2 board here