Powering KK 2.1.5 board

First post, need help. Info on HK KK 2.1.5 board says it takes power from the first ESC. The hobbywing ESC I am using does not have a red power lead. Adding a 6v battery to the “battery” port on the KK board produced no results. Now what? Does that KK board need more power? Any help is super appreciated.

Ok. Found my error. Powered the Rx with the 6v pack and the KK board lit up! Now without adding an additional battery for the RX how do I power the stupid thing? The onboard battery is a 3s so that is too much juice for the Rx and flight controller board.

External BEC. Sorry. How do I delete this thread!

Did you resolve the issue or do you still need some help as I am not sure? If you need any help in getting your quadcopter flying just let me know

It is not in the air yet. I bought an external BEC so in the mean time I will configure the board and the TX and go from there. All is well at this point. Thank you!