Help setting my tali h500 flight controller up

Hi i have a tali h500 already and i have built another 1 but i have problems setting the flight controller up i need to send for someone to look at for me as i dont have a clue i no its the flight controller because i swaped with my other 1 and ok thanks andy

In order for someone to help it would be great if you can share some more details of exactly what you are doing, and what you are trying to do, what flight controller are you using? When you say its not working, what is the problem exactly?

Hi i have a walkera tali h500 which flies great and i have copyd another 1 and built it but i have problems with settings on this devention fch_h500 flight controller settings this is way over my head i no its this unit as i have swaped them over and away it goes i need to find some one i can send for them to sort things out for me
Andy. :smiley:

When you say you have copied another one and built it, do you mean another Tali H500? They are only sold as ready build hexacopter drones? Do you mean you are building your own hexacopter? If so some images showing the problem and how you have built it will help. The Devo flight controller is not realy designed to be used with custom drones. My suggestion would be to scrap it and rather use something like pixhawk or APM.

However you might be able to connect to your devo flight controller via mission planner.

Hi walkera done me all the bits to copy my hex copter cheap deal I’ve built another walkera Taliban 500 but Ime old school crystals I dint quite understand how to set it all up I need someone who can get it running for me it’s sat in the cupboard for 3years help :fearful:

It should say tali h500