Hexacopter from the ground up

g’day - decided to build a hexacopter from scratch after seeing some ‘specials’ on HK - not a good idea! first problem was me buying six CCW motors - sorted that out (not with any help from HK I might add). then I bought what I thought is a pretty good flight controller - what I didn’t know is that the Illuminati 32 has virtually NO information available to assist with the setup of the 'copter - it has been put aside until I have learned how to wire stuff up

I have replaced it with an Emax Skyline32 (not arrived yet) and I actually have seen some videos on it AND I have a 12 page manual printed out in front of me - Wow! long way to go b4 I get airborne, talk about a steep learning curve! I have been flying fixed wing for over 20 years so I thought I knew everything - Hahahahaha!

i’ll update my progress here



Hi, just wondering why you bought quantity six of CCW motors?
Steve :slight_smile:

well Steve as I said m8 I dint know anything about drones so I just bought six motors. considering I have an extensive aviation background you would have thought that without a tail rotor to balance things up (and the fact that aircraft like Chinooks have counter-rotating blades) the penny would have dropped - it didn’t! So now I have 12 motors but I only paid for six of them, so not only do I have plenty of spares I can also build another 'copter after I wreck this one! Cheers !

sounds like a result :trophy:
nice one …