New hexacopter configuration


I am thinking to build an hexacopter, I chose a possible configuration but I wonder if it is feasible or not, in particular I have some doubts about the motors…

I picked these components so far:

Frame: S550

Motors: Multistar 2814-700Kv

Prop: 1047

Esc: 30A

Battery: 4S 10000mAh 10C

eCalc gives me this report:

which seems pretty good, what do you think?
Thank you

That looks good…
It might be worth trying a 5200mAHr battery in eCalc, the reduced weight compensates for the lower energy, you might find flight times not reduced much.
Steve :slight_smile:

Good point, also I found you can get good flight time improvements of you can find an optimal battery c rating for hover flight… since your motors are pulling about 20A in total (according to e calc) at hover, you could get away with a lower c battery which will be lighter (if you can find one) as I don’t think it’s easy to find ones lower than 10C