Help choosing motor for 6" props

Hi, I’m building a ‘Butter quad’ (Alien 5" body with 6" arms) as I really like the quieter and smoother flying style of a 6" prop over 5". I am therefore trying to find some low(ish) Kv motors but options seem limited these days and I would really appreciate some advice. I’m running a full Kiss setup with 24a esc on 4S and I normally run a HQ6045 2 blade. I would like to go for a good quality motor like the TMotor and so far I’ve narrowed it down to either the TMotor F60 or F80. Both are available in 2200kv and the F80 also in 1900kv. I’m looking for a good punchy response without pulling too much current to over stress the electronics/battery. Your learned advice would be very welcome!

I had success with Cobra 2208/2000kv used on my butter kwad with full KISS setup and DalProp 6045s. Electric Wingman has them for around £6 each last time I looked.

Thanks for the reccomendation. Funnily enough I saw those on another website but when I enquired they said they didn’t reccomend them quality wise. How did you find them?

Sorry for the late reply. For what it’s worth, I think they’re great. Gobs of torque, quiet running and they look badass. Cheap as chips too. Buy spares!