In need of guidance about a battery for my drone (T motor F60)

I want to build a drone I’m thinking of using the T motor f60 2500kv and esc of 30A propeller of 6 inch but I am not able to decide which battery I should use to get Max thrust and flight time please guide me and also signal transmitter.

I’m going to operate under the idea that you understand the basic voltage needs and such, so i wont go into detail on that.

Max thrust is based on your motors, unless your under powered voltage wise. As for flight time, it depends on what your building for.

If you want a small, fast, nimble drone, a smaller batter is less weight, but in the same line, there is less flight time. But if your building a camera drone, one to fly slowly and enjoy the view, with less need for speed, a bigger battery would provide more flight time.

As for Transmitters and such, its all budget and personal choice. I have an 8 channel Devo 7, and i love it, but my next one will be a 10 channel Futaba. If you have any other questions, ask away.

You could use Tattu R-line 1300mAh 4S.

As @vwdstriker said, it all realy depends on what you are after… I wrote an article a while back on how to get the best battery for your drone. but this was aimed more at larger quadcopters where you want to fly as long as possible… but for FPV quads, you basicaly want a battery that can output the sufficient current for all your motors…

For example since you are using 4x 30A ESC… your motors will probably draw close to that on full power with 6 inch props… so you need a battery that can handle 120A of current…

99% of 5-6 inch prop FPV quadcopters will use 1300-1800mah lipos so you can get one of this size which is like the one @SmithQ suggested.

The only other thing you need to care about is that the 1300 has a sufficient C rating… so if you need to pull a max of 120A… then you need to make sure the C rating is at least 90C (90*1.3) = 117A which is close enough.

However since you will not be flying at full throttle all the time, you can probably get away with 75C… but dont get anything less than that.

Good pionts. For beginners, 75C lipos are good choices.

Try Tattu 1300 4s 75C, That’s fit for your 30A ESC