Get up to £50k from the UK government to help prevent "drug drones" 🚬

Anyone got some good ideas to stop drones being used for illegal deliveries? Deadline is 25 October 2017 12:00pm

The Ministry of Justice, the entity which manages the country’s prisons, has launched a competition looking for ideas to stop contraband from dropping via drone. The MOJ wants to use technology as a solution to this problem and is dedicating £950,000 in a fund for potential solutions. The department wants solutions for detecting contraband items, like mobile phones, and for capturing and destruction of drones headed into prisons. Interested applicants may apply for a $66,241 grant to develop their designs

I have a friend in the US that was the victim of such injustice, and our prisons are overflowing, and it’s BS. So my dream is to drop scores of cell phones, joints, extremely regularly to create havoc!

If the wind is perfectly calm, something light dropped from 2,000’ will generally land directly below. With donde randomness thrown in, which is great for havoc. I haven’t researched the best remote dropping mechanisms that can be hacked on to various models. No Fly Zones in the US in DJI products complicates things some, because if not easily defeatable, it takes an off the shelf solution and makes it harder. But not much. I’ll think about countermeasures because money is cool. You need it to buy justice!

Perhaps all drone pilots need to log on to a website to register their flights, off limits areas could be listed, or their club log if at a recognised flying site, not in detail, but say active at (location) on (date) between (start time - end time). Any drones flying without a notification, could be subject to confiscation and / or destruction. This would mean obligatory registration of ownership, similar to TVs, with an issued permit, free of charge and signature on a formal document to say they will abide by the rules of quad flying, have adequate third party insurance and stay within the law. Members of BMFA and other recognised model flying organisations could be exempt this process as the strict model flying rules and model flying laws are entrenched in their membership rules as are formal training schemes. My club site has a site log which is retained and even specifies whether I/c or electric flight is being undertaken.

They closed the competition already.