FS-IA6B receiver trouble

@cleptilectic I can’t see the marking on it due to the “fizz” around it - but it looks like an inductor - probably part of the power filter circuit. If you’re buying a new one then I’d recommend ether the Flysky X6B, or the Flit10 as they are much smaller and better suited to quads…

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It looks like you are in need of a new receiver, the only thing that one would be good for is practicing your desoldering on at least they are quite cheap

Did you just solder the screen? How have you connected the active element of the antenna? (Center pin of the connector)
Normally you cut the connector off before soldering

Hello, sorry to budge in to a topic that’s been inactive for awhile but @cleptilectic how did you wire your fsia6b to your fc im kinda at loss and need some help!

Are you using the omnibus f4 flight controller?

One of my earlier questions may help you. If you look at my first post, the bottom two pictures show how I wired the receiver to the flight controller. I also noted that the flight controller wasn’t flashed with the latest firmware, so that was something that needed to be done.

No I’m not but I’m kinda new to this and the receiver plug on the flight controller is different then the receiver input

A lot of time the hardware we buy doesn’t have the same connectors on both ends cause there is just so many options.

99% of the time you can just cut one of the heads off and solder directly.

If you link both your FC and Rx I can tell you how to wire it.

The board on the right is the RX and the box on the left is just the casing for reference, I also have a servo connector and wire as showen and it would be convenient to use that if possible but if not I can soldier

Ok so having a look…
I think there is a good chance that Rx is dead, or will let you down and fail on you.

I would have a look at the FlySky FS-X6B as a replacement ( supports sbus )

To run ibus on that Rx FS-IA6B you need the top right hand side set of pins


G = Ground from the FC
V+ = 5volts from the FC
S = Sbus pad on the FC

Thanks for that chart why do you believe my Rx is dead or will fail?

I can’t speak for DoomedFPV’s reasoning, but it’s bigger than it needs to be and the last one I had failed out of nowhere during a flight with not much of an explanation on the hardware as far as I could tell. I’d recommend the Flysky FS-6b. It’s smaller and most likely compatible with your TX.

I suggested the FlySky FS-X6B
Cause its small and supports SBUS which what is on his FC ( if they have removed ibus support )

I gave instructions to wire up his old Rx in case he doesn’t want to replace it.

The FlySky FS-X6B will work with his Tx as his old Rx is a FlySky-FSIA6B just a different model

Thanks for your response, and I understand that makes sense, I can’t seem to find the fs 6b on the internet though…



And thank you @DoomedFPV for the wiring instructions I don’t want to spend extra cash on a new RX right now, but the last question I have is what should I do with the extra white tx wire? Do I just ignore that or where does that go?

ignore it for now… its not needed with your Rx.

Looks like it was used for smart audio on a different Rx

So if I wire it up like you showed and configure it like you said in betaflight, I should be good to go

should be…


Okay thanks for your help I’ll get back to you when I finish…