Flip 32 GPS modes on Cleanflight

Just wondered if anyone can help I have a Flip 32 10DOF to which I have added an NZ 7 GPS module. Now when I take it where it locks onto the satellites I get a perfect lock, so that bit work however using my switches (2 way and 3 way) on my Turnigy 9X the horizon, angle and baro mode all come up green when switched on but the GPS hold and RTL do not even though the cursor is bang in range on the setup screen?? I am using cleanflight by the way. Any assistance much appreciated as I don’t want to attempt Return home or hold and watch it disappear over the horizon :unamused:

So just to be clear, you are having a problem with the flight modes setting, and not withe GPS module itself? Could you sent a screenshot and have you confirmed you are getting full range of movement via the receiver tab for your flight mode switch?

An I do think its very wise to ensure its working properly before testing in a flight as I agree you dont want to loose your quad due to a careless mistake!

Thanks for the reply Alex here are some screenshots as you can see the GPS is highlighted so is operational and I have had a good GPS fix in the conservatory. Both the Angle and Baro light green when the cursor is in the selected range. However when the GPS hold or GPS home are switched although the cursor is within the parameters I have set they do not turn green leading me to believe they’re not operational. My TX is a Turnigy 9X version 2 standard sofware and using the gear switch and 3 position flight mode switch combinations to change modes. Any thoughts would be appreciated

First thing, have you pressed save? As the modes are only activated after the save…

Secondly, when using GPS hold, you also need to enable baro at the same time for it to work so cleanflight can keep your drone at constant altitude. as well as constant latitude and longitude.

Hi Alex thanks for the reply. Yes I saved all settings and baro is active on Aux 2 covering 1100-1425 with GPS hold covering 1100-1250. Can you tell me though, is RTL a stand alone or does that need another mode to be active to make it work?

Ok Alex just further to my last mail I was looking at the Sat status and had I think 5 satellites with my known position locked and true and highlighted in green yet still not working then another satellite came on and so did GPS hold and RTL now it all works fine. this took about 8 or 9 minutes to get here so how can I tell in the field whether or not I have enough sats locked in as I won’t be hooked up to cleanflight? Is there a light on my board to look for? On the APM the NEO 6 has a flashing blue light in the GPS housing which goes solid when locked on, however the mini NZ 7 doesn’t have such a light.
I hope this is all useful to others

To be honest I have never actualy used GPS on a cleanflight controller, as all my cleanflight drones are for FPV racing, so I dont use GPS. All my GPS drones are larger ones with gimbals etc and all run Pixhawk.

But I am pretty sure that you need to have baro, mag, and either acro or horizon mode enable together with either one of the GPS Hold, or GPS RTH features.

When flying just make sure you first test GPS hold before RTH to make sure its behaving as it should. Worst case if it does start to act weird you can just switch back to acro or horizon mode on its own.

However that said, the GPS modes are still in early stages with cleanflight but should be ready in the next, or in one of the next releases. You can keep track of it here - Flight - Improve GPS Position Hold (GPS PH) · Issue #197 · cleanflight/cleanflight · GitHub

Brilliant Alex thanks for the help and advice it’s much appreciated
Best regards