Flightone 3inch build

I’m rebuilding my favourite 3 inch build. I’ve totally hammered it over the last 12 months and it’s due some TLC. Currently it’s running betaflight on a hglrc f440 stack. It’s always suffered pretty badly from electrical noise when running 4s (even with capacitors) so I’m looking for the most filtered setup I can get.

Flightone seems to have a lot of hype recently. The more I look into it the more I realise how many of the top pilots are using it. I’ve not seen many smaller builds with it though. Has anyone got any experience with it in smaller builds? I’m fairly undecided whether to give it a go in my 3 inch or stay with what I know with betaflight and go with the airbot stack with the typhoon escs. I run them in a larger setup and the filtering is really clean.

Struggling to come to a decent enough conclusion:Anyone any thoughts?