Feb 2020 : The Long Gap Challenge

Challenge (Feb, 2020)

:trophy:Prize - Hyperlow CG Frame from @Maximilian along with the klout of knowing you can do an “imposidive”

liftoff challenge for Dronetrest liftoff pilots…
its not for the faint hearted
in fact its probably only @sync that could do it…

:alarm_clock:Deadline: - Whoever submits the result first to Max (if posting here be sure to let @Maximilian know)

:man_judge:Judge - @Maximilian


Well @Maximilian it took a solid hour but here ya go! I used the Gremlin which I could not be arsed tuning so sorry for the jello blur! only did it at full throttle. Going to try with a 5" but I don’t know if I can :frowning:



@Maxmillian Here’s my attempt! Used my usual race rig, think I got lucky as it didn’t take me as long as I was expecting!



Shogun_FPV good work. Honestly didnt believe that would get done, good skills and bragging rights.

Can you send me a PM and I’ll hook you up with the Hyperlow frame.



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Carbonrain, good job man also. But it was set for the first to come back with a video and that was Shogun. Nonetheless, well done fella that is damned hard - theres a lot of us trying on the dronetrest discord, and we have all failed, so count yourself an uberpilot!

damn dude… great effort there. well done.

dude that was amazing. literally tried for an hour and failed every time about 4 stories down. fair play. congrats. now u gotta go to Chernobyl and do it in real life

Oh thank you so much guys! I just wish I was this brave IRL. I’m having another crack but using 3D and it is a little easier, still haven’t managed with a 5" but I’m close…I hope.

Thanks to everyone and @Maximilian I am ready for the next challenge!

@CarbonRain well done dude! what frame were you using?

Talon, I’m considering running a box frame for the 2020 racing season and it’s the closest in design to that :slightly_smiling_face: Awesome job on your video btw! Would have been neck and neck if I hadn’t bothered rerendering my video to remove 20 seconds at the end :rofl:

Haha and here I was thinking I would give it a go this evening…

Nice job @Shogun_FPV and @CarbonRain

Also thanks to @Maximilian for donating the prize frame… since we got the challenge completed so fast do you want to send your frame and I will send the other to the other guy?


Sure thing UMT, I am in contact with Shogun, so I’ll sort him out, be cool if Carbon gets a pick me up, you guys are too kind :+1:

That’s awesome, @CarbonRain definitely deserved one too! UMT FTW!

And great job both of you guys!

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how often do you guys do challenges?

As and when… no real schedule. We also do RL challenges.
But they won’t be happening for a while :frowning: