Fault_Finding-What Happened

This one is for you guys to fault find.
Not the DNUTS Team to answer

UnmannedTechShop have agreed a £10 store credit prize for who ever get the answer correct first.
Good Luck everyone…

Linked below is a DVR recording of one of my flights where something went wrong can you guys work it out:
Its something that can happen to us all, or has happened before…

  • What happen in this flight?
  • I’m looking for a cause and a fix.
  • I’ll comment the answer after a couple of days.

The video is only 1:06 long… no need to watch to the end… I messed up the edit a little. :frowning:

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What happen in this flight?

Your VTX cut out

I’m looking for a cause and a fix.

Shoddy workmanship :wink:

whoops… hope I didnt give the answer away!

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VTx overheated and shutdown for protection?

Am i the only one that thinks this is unfair :smile:

I’m running my VTX at 200mW and its well vented.

Antenna was loose and fell off?

Sorry @Steve_Bone thats not it…

I would like to think… there would be signal break up as the antenna loosen and I think even with out an antenna I may have still got some signal as I was close to myself.

Is the vtx connected to vbat and punch caused voltage sag and dropped below power requirement?


The VTX is connected to a 10v regulator on the PDB.

But no thats not it I’m afraid.

If I was trouble shooting this myself then I would start in this case with the power by seems like this is not it. Next thing I would check is the connections between your camera, vtx and fc(/osd if F.C. doesn’t have one). I would make sure they are all connected to the same ground pad and that the solder joints are good. If there appears to be no physical problems or damage then I would make sure that everything is configured correctly on the fc. Also would check if using an osd module that the correct voltage supply is configured in the firmware. If none of this worked then I would try replacing components one by one until the issue was fixed.

  • Shared ground and 10v for both VTX and Camera

  • OSD Connections

No connection problems there.

Everything is configured correctly on the FC.

The only other thing that I could think of is an internal issue with the camera or the goggles. Maybe a receiver issue with the goggles.

I have been racking my brains all day trying to think of the problem. Look forward to see when the issue actually is.

Would you be able to reveal what happened? :grimacing:


I’m going to release a clue.

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