Falcon 250 Pro getting started guide - the missing manual

I was asking about the radio receiver not the FC
Steve :slight_smile:

I am still getting used to using proper teminology, with Radio (Transmiiter) off and quad powered up, I have a blinking red light to count of >1 second between blinks (1 thou) vs (1 thousand 1), if I turn on the transmitter (Radio) light goes steady red.

I think I discovered something, the red light I saw was on the top board, I flashed using Cleanflight instead of Betaflight and now I have a blinking red light on a board deeper within the quad that wasn’t doing anything before and I believe it is the flight controller as it has a sticker on it that says F3, the LED 's on this board did nothing before and now they blink, nothing changes when I turn on the transmitter leaving me to believe it is not bound.
Before the red lights I saw that blinked and changed were on a board above the F3 board. Does this mean anything to anybody? I don’t know that all the different boards are yet soooo

Bang Good told me to recheck the wire connection between the FC and the throttle line, but they didn’t tell me where that is.
can anyone advise?

The diagram above shows the pinout of the FC. You need to connect ch1 from your receiver to own 1 on the FC.

Also as I said in my guide because the OSD and USB are connected to same port by default the board has problems talking to the PC unless you disconnect the OSD, or change its port as instructed in the guide I wrote. For now I suggest you just disconnect the OSD untill you get your quad flying to ensure that is not causing any issues

I really wanted to thank everybody for helping, or trying to help me figure this out. BangGood has been little help and washed their hands of it by providing a partial refund. Being they said the receiver was most likely bad hence the partial refund, I bought a FrSky Taranis X9D transmitter W/8XR receiver in hopes that if I got it flying at least I would have a nice radio I could use with other quads/planes provided I ever get this working. NOW I am trying to figure out why I cannot get power to the X8R transmitter as well as how to bind it. I have watched untold videos and theirs seems to bind within minutes. I am so out of my depths here… I just wanted to have fun and being I am now upwards of $450+ into this and haven’t even taken off much less started the engines for more than 1 minute I could scream.
I need to find a quad club near Orlando/Ocala FL area so I can meet some people that would be willing to help me. Thanks for the help though, probably end up boxing it up and sticking it in a corner.

I would say its probably best if you can find a done club nearby that you can atleast take your quad with you and get some help as sometimes its abit tricky to help over the internet. Most of the time you will find its just something minor that we have all been missing!

As for your X8R not getting any power, I know on my falcon 250 pro, that red DIP switch on the bottom needs to be all turned on as it seems the power is routed to only the FC (not the receiver) if power via USB, and then the OSD/VTX and receiver are all on another power section controlled by one of the switches and you have to have the battery connected in order to power the receiver. So if your VTX is not on, then the receiver is not on then there might be a problem, or check the red DIP switches again.

again… I REALLY want to thank everyone for their help and I wish to the heavens I could tell you what I did but I violated the #1 rule in I.T., never make more than one change at a time so you know what you did to fix or break something… I made 2 changes in Beta flight after watching endless videos. 1 I changed the order of channels moving Throttle from 4 to 3 and the 2nd thing I think I did was change receiver from PPM to PWM and Ill be damned if the thing didn’t arm and fire up… at least thats what I think fixed it but who knows as I was switching receivers, radios all sorts of things… I don’t really care at this point (but I will if I Have issues again :wink: ) all I know is I can fly my new Quad FINALLY.
THANKS EVERYONE, for if nothing else sticking with me to the best of your ability
God Bless

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LOL… got it working, just not flying… as far as I know props are on correctly but it goes from gradual throttle to full throttle self destruct mode. Any ideas whats going on (just until I find a local group)


Alex, I really like your Beginners Guide. It’s the best I’ve seen. Just one question before I attempt to put Cleanflight onto my FC. If I follow your instructions as listed here, will it be OK to override the Open Pilot system which came with the Falcon 250 Pro. I can fly it OK now, so didn’t want to muck it up with a new installation. Thanks mate.


Alex, this is one fine beginners guide althought it didn’t show all the things I needed. I’m a complete newbie and needed to figure out myself. Quite many people have had the same problems I did so I decided to quote your post and made a small add-on article about the things your guide didn’t touch.

Eachine Falcon 250 Pro SP Racing F3 Getting Started Guide – The missing manuals missing points!

ayuda alguien q me pase un backup de falcon 250pro
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pasame un backup de falcon 250pro

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