Ev200d DVR firmware

I see you guys are stocking the EV200d’s.

Have you got any information/contacts eachine side on the DVR fix? The recent firmware upgrade looks like only fixed it for certain cameras. For other cameras the problem is the same?

@UnmannedCam don’t you run a set of EV200d’s?

I will remind with @UnmannedCam tomorrow but he has only realy used two or three cameras with his and have not had any complaints…

But in general the firmware update makes the DVR colour much better and fixes the file formatting issues. As for cameras I would say this is largely down the the actual camera settings a pilot is using that can be changed to help.

You can get the latest firmware here


There is a rather large thread over on rc groups on it ( around 257 pages!). People have tested the same camera with multiple VTX’s and it appears to be a vtx issue rather than a camera issue. I am flying 5 setups and 2 of them have the over exposure issue while 3 of them are fine. The live picture is fine on all 5, it is only the dvr that appears to be affected.

Changing camera settings doesn;t change the dvr issue. The only thing you can do is change your vtx. It seems to be the more expensive vtx’s are having issues. Maybe its something to do with filtering on the vtx side. either way i have 2 akk ultimates on order which I will have to replace on my affected unify setups.

Firmware on the newer units are all the newer fixed firmware so that isn;t an issue.

The only thing I did to fix my DVR issue was change between NTSC and PAL, beyond that I’m afraid I’ve not investigated the issue further. I doubt 257 pages on RCGrpups missed that, but it might be worth trying out if you haven’t already…

The other thing to try that I’ve seen some success with is the new FW version here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vAU3FWgwATqOX2SyYePCL7KesIGKliF2/view , though again I’d be surprised if RCGroups missed that too. The RAR contains the firmware and instructions :slight_smile:

EDIT: Alex beat me to it by a long margin!

can you send me a firmware ? i am chinese user and still can’t open the link .liuqing199202@163.com.thank you very much.