Esc not detected to cc3d fc

Can’t calibrate escs to FC. Using libreport software. No beeps recd
From FC. Tried reloading FC software. Bought new cc3d fc, still same
Tried calibrating with the libreport GSM. The motors show on the gas diagram
And sliders show rpm increase but motors don’t spin.
Any suggestions sudden be appreciated.

Hi Dave
I’m not that familiar with Libre so this post may not be much help… but just in case…

Are you powering the FC from USB cable only or do you have the lipo battery connected? the ESC’s will need battery power for calibration
Are the end stops set correctly in your TX?

At a guess I’d say it’s a power supply issue to the ESC’s

Steve :slight_smile:

Yeah as Steve said, you need to power your esc via battery so you hear them beep before you will get any response from librepilot, just remember to remove the props first!

Also if you still have any problem it could a connection issue so send a photo showong how everything is connected