Emax Nighthawk X-series X5 Build Guide (Part 1)

This a companion article for the full guide on our blog. Please click on the link provided below for the full guide. This is a short but comprehensive guide on how to build the Nighthawk X5 quadcopter from Emax. To follow this guide easily, you will need some experience in building your own FPV racer before (although not much so don't worry) - knowledge such as how to solder correctly is good

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Have no experience , I should learn more .

Hi, do you have any specific questions that we can help you with?

Hi there Sam!

Thanks for the great detailed build guide. It might be a tad late now, but i hope you see my comment pop up somewhere :slight_smile:

Iam facing an issue right now and since this is my first completely own build, i hope you can help me out:
i kinda want to build that qwad with an omnibus f3, however due to the SD Card Slot iam facing the issue you described in your guide: FC is touching the PDB casing.

Im thinking about getting some washers down below that, however since the top wouldnt be even, im thinking about putting some washers below the other spacers too.
Iam kinda fearing that i will lose a lot of structual integrity then, since the screws arent too long.
Do you think that would be an issue and should i therefore go with longer screws alltogether?
(Omnibus has a small plastic thing on the bottom side which is even a bit higher than the SD card slot, so might have to go with a thicker washer too…)

i’d be happy to attach a picture of what im talking about if anything is unclear.

I hope this comment gets to you.
Thanks for any replies. I’d greatly appreciate it!

Congratulations for starting your own build :fireworks:. As for your issue a photo of your FC would help. But my guess is to just use some longer screws with some more spacers. As that will give you abit more clearance. Otherwise depending how much clearance you need, you could just put some insulation tape on the SD card slot (which is only connected to ground anyway) so then it’s not a problem if it’s touching (assuming not any force jamming things together) :thumbsup:

hey unmannedtech,

thanks for the reply - i just put 2 washers down there and that kinda worked well i think. New problem though. I feel like i got myself some ESCs that are a bit too big. i’d just leave a photo. What do you think? Should i get a pair of X6 arms, or could that work out? im kinda afraid to cut too much of the motor wires realizing it wont fit afterwards. Thinking about using a martianII frame to do this build at the moment. Already got it here anyways. Would that be a better choice?

If you are not sure you could just do a hack job and solder the motor wires directly to the ESC as they are without cutting them. And then fold them under the ESC and secure everything with a bunch of electrical tape :slight_smile:

To be honest the biggest cause for ESC damage for me is when the props hit them so if it overhangs on the arm slightly it should make much difference.

:warning: Also a word of warning (in case you did not know already) dont mount your ESC so that it touches the CF plate and carbon fibre conducts and can cause a short on your ESC, so first insulate ESC before taping it to the arms.

im mainly in fear that i get interference because the signal cables might touch something they shouldnt, since its such a tight fit.

thanks for the warning - i was planning on isolating it with extreme condition tape or shrinktube, or both - not quite sure yet. i think i will just go with cutting the motor wires. If they happen to get to short i might as well just solder some back onto it. dont think it will be that big of a deal.

Thanks for the help!