QAV210 Spare Parts Question

Howdy all!

I’ve been enjoying my first build recently, but yesterday I’ve had a serious crash from a high altitude. Therefore, I am looking for the spare parts I’ve lost. Pardon my ignorance on the subject as I am a new drone owner and don’t have much experience.

  • I’ve lost two of the screw cap bits that holds the propellers in their place - I don’t know what they are called. How should I search for them and are they mostly compatible with this kit?
  • On the crash, one of the cables that is connected from ESC has snapped so I have zero control of one of the engines. Should I buy a brand new ESC for that or can I just solder that wire with some extension? My concern is that would it affect the performance of that motor?
  • One final thing is that some of the the screws that are holding the motors on the arms is gone and I don’t have spares for it. Is there a specific type of screw for this or can I just use any sorts of screw that is similar in size without damaging the engine?

Thanks so much in advance!

Not to worry.

It all sounds repairable :slight_smile:

Prop Nuts are a standard size…

That may be a new ESC

M3 motor screws… 6mm or 7mm depending on the thickness of the arms. ( Think )

Send in a picture of your quad… So we can better see the damage and help you to pick out replacement parts.

Rebuild time :slight_smile:

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I will post the pictures as soon as I am home, unfortunately I am at work right now. In the mean time, I want to order a new set of ESC’s. The one currently I own is 12A SimonK ESC. Most of the ESC’s I’ve found is more than 12A, they are mostly 20A or more. Is it okay for me to use these ESC’s with my current setup?

Another question in the mean time, I want longer flight time rather than crazy fast flights. So I found this battery with higher mAh and less discharge rate (currently I have 75C discharge rate one). Would this be enough for my drone or would it be very slow and heavy and sluggish? (That battery is 45C - 1800mah 45C)


Running 20 Amp ESC’s wont cause you any problems…as its the motors that pull the amps through the ESCs.
I can recommended these.
The 20A versions are less than £7 each… but because your old ESCs are SimonK you would need to replace all four…

slow and sluggish depends on your build (motors/Props)
1800mAh would give you more flight time… but be aware of the weight… more weight = less flight time.
Its a trade off

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Yeah, as already mentioned there is a fine balance between bigger battery and longer flight times. But in general it is just get your quad as light as possible, and use the biggest propeller you can fit on your motors. And then select a battery that has just enough C rating that you will need. But with FPV quadcopters the general aim is to get something as fast as possible and only caring about efficiency second. To build a long duration quadcopter it will generally not be as nimble as a racing quad, and to get seriously long flight times you will probably need to go with something that uses at least 15 inch propellers.

I wrote an article about how to go about choosing a motor/propeller / battery combo if you wanted to read abit about it - How to choose the right motor for your multicopter drone