Eachine Wizard/FSi6 Rx battery err1 0% problem

Hello, brand new member and 1st post.
I have an Eachine Wizard 220 that I purchased as a RTF.
I have never flown this quad. I bought this new back in November 2016 and I am just getting around to it now in May 2017.
I am having a problem with the transmitter beeping an alarm when I try to initialize resulting in an inability to bind. The Rx battery indicator on the FS-i6 shows a low battery alarm and the LCD shows err1 0%. I have tried with 2 different freshly charged batteries, one 3c and one 4c. I did have this out of the box and plugged into my PC back in December and was able to bind and test motors with props off. Since then I updated to betaflight 3.17 and switched to ibus configuration. Should have left well enough alone, I know:o . I did track down a thread where the same symptoms were discribed but no solutions were offered so I thought I would try my own thread.