FS-i6x and Omnibus F4 V2 RX problem


I’m facing something i can’t understand, so i need some help on this.

I have a FS-i6x binded to the rx, the rx is connected to the Omnibus F4 v2 through ibus.

When the FC is connected via usb, the emiter is ok (rx and tx battery levels are ok).

When i disconnect the usb to the fc, put my lipo on the drone, when i set the emiter on i have an alarm on rx battery being at zero.

Any idea ?

Welcome to the forums :wave: In order to help could you answer a few things:

what voltage is your battery alarm set to trigger on? What voltage is being displayed on both cases etc…? I assume you are running betaflight? You may also want to have a read of this guide - 🙋‍♂️ How To Ask For Help - A step by step guide on how to have your questions answered