Eachine StackX - dreadful video

So I feel like I’m not having much luck with my Eachine Stack-X F4 flight stack. It a nutshell it looks great on paper, but sucks in reality.

Today I flew it with a Lumenier Micro Dipole 5.8GHz antenna to see if this antenna produced any better results than the pagoda I stuck on last time. Have a look at the video:

You’ll also see that the dynamic range is so bad that it’s unflyable.

If anyone has any general pointers to a) improve the video and b) improve the dynamic range of this piece of crud, I’d be extremely grateful. Otherwise I’m going to be adding Eachine to the ‘never buy again’ bucket.

What goggles/screen you using cheep = bad results.
A good way forward assuming you’ve got a decent pair of goggles
1 try to insulate ant from frame
2 get good quality ant tx and rx
3 cap on vcc after current sensor.

that video reception does look really bad.
I agree with @dale589 try to insulate ant from frame also check the connections and make sure they are good.

With the camera try and look for a setting Max Gain (if it has one ) and turn it down also look for WDR and turn it on if it has it.

There must be some settings where you can improve it… if only a little to make it more flyable

Cheers gents for the help here. I’m going to dismantle the quad and see if the signal is as bad when it’s not connecting anything. Good call on the insulation - I’ll certainly make sure I’m doing that with the other quads I’m now building.

Goggles are Fatshark HD3 linked to Furious FPV Docking FuriousFPV Dock King FPV Ground Station - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop - fantastic bit of kit that has extended the range of my video by about 1/2 mile.
TX - is built into the Stack-X so can’t comment on the quality there.
Cap on VCC; tried this and no effect.

Will let you know how I get on :slight_smile:

I am sure changing the settings on the eachine camera should help as I agree the image does look abit dark. How does it compare when flying at midday when the sun is brightest? I have seen other videos of the stack X camera on youtube and they all looked fine in terms of dynamic range and brightness.

I also think something strange is going on with the reception… which antennas and VTX are you using on both your quad and dock king?

Well the main problem with the video turned out to be the antenna aerial that came with this stack. Changed it for an old one from the Hawk 5 and immediately got a huge increase in video quality with an old pagoda antenna I have for testing. So look forward to giving it a go outside.
Alas the dynamic range is a known problem for the camera so looks like I can only really fly this quad when the sun is high in the sky.

Dock king - was using a variety of antenna, but mainly the TrueRC X-Air 5.8 and the Pagoda. Works amazingly well on the TBS Oblivion and Hawk 5, so it is definitely this flight stack.

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Happy to hear you maybe found the problem. Possibly if you look at the connectors closely make sure the one has a pin and the other has a hole so they both make a proper contact :-). How you have a great weekend!

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so you have come across the problem with someone using two different connectors ie sma connector connected to a sma rp connector whilst both have the same thread and are happy to be screwed together they will not make a connection which is due to the rp (reverse pin) where you end up with neither having the pin that makes the conection or two pins which prevent you from screwing them together, lots of hours of fun trying to find the problem.