Drones and Wind turbines

Looking for some advice regarding drones and wind turbine inspections.

I am trying to find a drone that can meet the following requirements.


Follows autonomous route around wind turbine blade after putting co ordinates into programme using a waypoint gps navigation system or alternative mapping system

Redundant flying systems in case of motor failure near turbine

Stable flight that can operate in high winds.

HD and infrared camera.

Can anyone offer me any help with the above information.


From the sound of what your needing, you’ll want to look into either a DJI drone or a custom built one. As for the DJI prebuilt, the Matrice 200 series has everything you want, But the price tag is high, but within reason for the features it comes with. The custom built option has many options, since it is built part by part.

Link to the Matrice 200 for convience

If its for a company, i’d defer to the Matrice. DJI has good customer support and warranties as well as ease of use out of the box and future upgrades and add ons. Anybody can easily learn to use a DJI, with enough time. Custom built drones are often built and maintained by the company using it, requiring a dedicated person to maintain, build and operate it.