Building quad-copter for professional video

Hi everyone,
I’m Michael i’m new here and to DIY drones, i hope this is the right place and that you could help me.

So, i’m in the video business, but i also have computer programming skills,
and i need a quad-copter that will fit certain needs of mine, a lot similar to specs to the new DJI like auto object following,
easy/quick fly mode(where you don’t need the skills of a pilot to fly the drone), way-points, obstacle avoidance etc…

So why not just buy one you ask yourself? because i have some extra needs-

Interchangeable cameras:
i want to be able to switch between gopro and slightly bigger cameras like sony a6300, of course with 3d gimbals.

Multi controll:
To be able to control the copter from any source i.e pc, tablet, rc.

Long range:
i saw that there are different kind of options would be nice to have at least 1.5 km.

and this one is really important, since we talking about the need of smooth video capture in high quality.

also i want it to have the abilities of the DJI mentioned above alsso with some extra’s

6 way obstacle avoidance:
the DJI has the sensors on the side but i also want one on top (very useful in urban and forest area’s,
and one to the bottom (active while flying).

Follow Object:
this one is also important , in order give it a cinematic view and the need of using only one control joystick,
what is usually only possible with 2 flight operators (one that flies the copter and one that operates the camera)

would be nice to have the connection from the camera also to on board processor.

So from a bit research i came to the conclusion to use either Navio+ or Erle Brain2 with a raspberry pi 3.
am i right there?

also would be nice to hear what kind of setup would you use and links to additional tutorials/documentation about the
solution for the things listed above would be great.

im not afraid of digging into code but would be nice to have simple good working setup if exists…

i got really confused about how many options are out there, so a good newbie guidance that match my needs would be really helpful.

thank you all,

Hi !
I think you are thinking too hight, my friend.
You can can get almost all you want but are things you will not have.
First of all you are think wrong in a quad. For a professional drone think in a hexa or hocto.
You’ll get with all set a hexa with more than 4 or 5 kg quad or more with professional cameras.
6 way obstacle : I don’t know where you got that idea but Forget i. I don’t know any FC capable of 6 axes avoidance.
Not yet !
For all itens you described it must be a DIY drone with choosen componenst not one already builded.
You will find RTF drone almost compatible with your requirements but never under 7 or 8K USD.
At same time (1.5km, urban flights, etc) think on comply with your country laws about drones use.