Need help with drone build

i am new to the site and to drone building and flying as well. to my excitement i got handed a raspberry pi 3 B and asked to build a quadcopter from it. i need some direction. i have a very basic idea what parts i need but not sure where to check compatibility. anybody willing to spare some time and help me out with a list?

Hey Romeo,

Do you have a specific Budget for Your Drone?
It would be much easier, if you can tell me that.

Do you have any color wishes, and/or Frames, that you like or dont like?
It would help, if you look for a Frame and i or other people look for the electronic.


right now there is no budget linked to it,but i want to try and keep the cost down as much as i can without takign away performance.for a frame i have not yet decided for sure, but something that will be able to lazer cut and assemble myself would be nice.

this is the type of frame i had in mind:

as far as colour go a darker colour would work best.

thank you for the reply Luca

Hey Romeo,

Im sorry, that im asking, but is this a 4 inch Frame?
(only because of motors choice etc…)

Are you more interested in Freestyle, or Racing?

Do you already have Googles and a radio?

Do you like 4 in 1 Escs more, or 4 Escs? :slight_smile:


Im more looking at somethingnin the total size of 15inch. Want it to be farely big( about the size of a dji phantom 4) i do not have gogles or controles as yet. All i have is the raspberry pi 3. I want it to be syrong and be able to have a good range and speed if needed. For now the main idea is to use it to patrole parameters. So a good cammera is needes. It might get some extras later on so strong motors with long props i think is needed. Make sence?

Thanks Luca

Hey Romeo,

Im sorry to say that, but a 15inch build tops my knowledge of this Topic.
Im able to build 3-6 inch racer or Freestylequads and not such huge things.

Im very sorry, that i cant help you with that.
I will search in the Internet for you, but i cant promise that i will be able to help you.
Maybe @unmannedtech1 has a clue to this topic.


Sorry if this is a dumb quwstion but is therethat much difference between the sizes? Parts list wise that is…im new to this and have no idea. Just something i want to keepnin mind for future builds.
Youbhelpnis greatly appreciated

In terms of the parts you need there is not much difference in the sense that you will.need motors, ESC, flight controller. But the actual motors you need will be different for bigger quads.

However, if you are new to this I suggest you either start with a kit, or something smaller as smaller quads are much cheaper to learn on incase you crash etc…

We have a bunch of.guides on this site about finding the best motors, props and battery for your drone.

I dont know wich of these will be compatable with a raspberry pi tho. Do i need another board to attatch the pi or can i put the controlers straight onto the pi?

Check out the navio 2 -

thank you very much. i am waiting for a price on one of them. hopefully the build will start soon