Drone won't connect or been seen by my pc

Hey guys, i’m tying to connect my drone to betaflight. But my pc won’t recognize it as a device.

i have tried different cables and usb ports. But no luck there.

I tried installing the STM virtual com driver. but it won’t show up in the port section from my device manager. So i think the problem lies here, i just don’t know how to fix it.
i’ve tried deleting it, reinstalling it and restarting my pc. but still nothing seems to work.

I hope someone can help me, I just want to fly.

9 out if 10 times is down to the usb cable.

Test the cable on another device like a phone, if the phone loads up then it’s not the cable.

Has any work been done to the FC?

i’ve tested the cables they work.

The FC had recently been replaced bij a new one. because the old one had a fault in it.
The company who replaced it for me said. that they could acces the drone trough betaflight on their pc.

When you plug it in, do you get any LEDs does the main chip get hot?

The LEDs stay off and the Camera gets hot when i plug in the battery.

Ok you have a short on the FC somewhere.

From USB power the FC should power up and LEDs light up.

The Camera should not power up at all and never get warm…

Can you take pictures of the boards showing how’s it connected?

What company did the work?

Droneshop.nl its the online shop, where i ordered the drone.