Drone bouncing when landing

Hey guys new to this forum so sorry for any mistakes.I have a problem with lumenier qav 250 my friend has recently bought it and I helped him set it up all is working fine apart from the landing of the drone when it touches down it bounces and gets more aggressive,it is running libreflight software and has air mode set up,many forums I looked up said this is common in air mode and say to adjust PID’s but I’m not confident in adjusting these as it’s not my drone and haven’t this before,any help or advice is appreciated Thanks.

If you dont want to fiddle with PID’s then one solution would be to set airmode to be switched on and off via one of the switches on your radio, then just turn it off when you takeoff/land :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply bud and help but it my friends quad and he took it for a fly and all was good thankfully but I now have a problem with my quad build lol

How about Disarming the motors when you are in a stable hover just off the ground so it drops?

Obviously You’ll need to judge how high to disarm from but i usually bring it down slowly then disarm from less than a foot from deck

could just fly acro instead of airmode

It’s not in air mode we set a minimum for the motors and it is in acro