DJI Batteries, storage charge

So with all Lipo batteries you’re supposed to put them on a storage charge if they’re going to sit for a while. Is there a way to storage charge the smart batteries for the DJI Phantoms?

The smart batteries will automatically discharge them to 50% if you leave them long enough, by default this is set it 10 days. You can change it via the DJI go app. So after each flight if oyu know you are not going to be flying for a while its best to charge them to at least 50% as its worse to store a battery for along time undercharged. If you want ot learn more about general Lipo battery care check out our lipo battery guide.

That answered my question. Thanks! I will check out that guide when I get a chance. I am just getting into Drones so this is all new and cool stuff.

Think it’s after 10 days of not using Phantom batteries that they will discharge to 50% like unmannedtech has already stated.