DIY Wingsland S6 Battery



I have bought Wingsland S6 Drone a year, I always want it for a longer flight time. At last, I found some upgraded cells that give almost the advertised 10 Minutes flight time!

Note this is actual flight time from take off to auto-land at 0%.

There is a big but with this though as you will see. I got hold of a 4s LiHv Tattu 1550mAh battery and then split the cells to get 2 cells needed.

As these are 100C the cell thickness was really a tad too much for a nice fit inside the Wingsland S6 battery compartment, but as this is only a test I undid the screws a bit to get it in and out. Width wise is fine, just the height a 1/2 mm too much really.

Does not look pretty, but only testing.

The string on the arm is just to tether it, in case it does some strange and fly off while testing in backyard.

But the actual flight time from take-off to landing was 9 mins 30 seconds!

But as I pointed out earlier a couple of times, this is just flight time and not time from when you hit the record button as that is always longer.

I took off at 7 seconds into recording and time was noted from then til auto land at 0%.

Take off a screen shot

At 30% low battery warning after 8 mins

And finally landed at 9 mins 37 seconds, but – the 7 seconds before take off at the start gives
A flight time of 9 mins 30 seconds.

So that is the longest flight time I have managed thus far with the Wingsland S6 and very close to the advertised 10 mins!

Normally with mine with a standard Wingsland S6 battery, I get 5 mins 30 seconds actual flight time before auto-land.

But as you can see above, I had to use oversize cells of 1550mah and 100C and so fitting them in the available space is a task indeed and also running wires underneath to connect to the lipo.

I flew without the sonar and position flow camera attached as in the photo.

This makes no difference as although this is the advanced model, none of these V2 S6’s have the sonar or position flow as those features were never added, so makes no difference with that hardware removed. (Unless in the extremely unlikely event Wingsland ever works on any updates.)