Diatone cube 229 question

I see there are 2 variants the 10000 and 8500kv versions.

Can you confirm if this is 2s or ok for 3s? Stack and motors seem capable? I’ve seen it advertised as a 2s and 3s version for each of the motor variants elsewhere.


The one i looked at does only support 2s.
How about you provide a Link to the one that you mean so we can have a look at.

Please see:

What I mean is what is the point of having 2 different Kv options unless one of them is setup to support a slightly different power requirement?

The specs of the mamba stack are 2-4s and the motors are rated 8500kv so you will get 3s out of them.

On pyros site they are selling both kv options and in the description reference 2s and 3s versions.