Cracks - TBS Oblivion Frame

Just wondering if anyone else has got a TBS Oblivion and has seen cracks in the frame? This thing is supposed to be virtually indestructible, but I’m seeing cracks around the screws.

Did you build it yourself, or buy a RTF one? Either way did you maybe ever over-tighten the screws by accident? Can you attach a photo or two and I can talk to TBS and see if they have anything to say about this.

Hi Alex, I bought the almost RTF version - no RX. :slightly_smiling_face: The screws that I didn’t tighten (the ones connecting to the powercube) are the ones where the cracks have appeared. You can also see in the photos where the frame has completely cracked through.

I’ve heard other reports of the earlier versions of the Oblivion frame cracking. Not so indestructible as the advertising claims! :wink:


I would say ask TBS for a Replacement :slight_smile:
Asking is free and you could argue that the kit that you bought had oftertighten screws… :lying_face: :thinking:

I do not want to encourage you to scam TBS

Based on the trouble I’m having removing the motor screws, I’d say they are crazy overtightened!

They may have used some sort of glue.