Correct wires 433Mhz Telemetry Kit (version 2)

In the kit I purchased from you I received the 433Mhz Telemetry Kit (version 2), however I do not have the correct wire for connection between it and the pixhack.

It seems the correct connector for the telemetry radio (v2) is a grey connector, my first problem is this does not fit and if it did there is not a cable that ends with a JST GH1.25 for the pixhawk.

In my case the wire with the white 6 pin connector does fit the telemetry radio but still no JST GH1.25 to connect the other end.

Below is a pic of all the cables I recived.

I think you should send us an email with your order number so that we can look into this as it seems the correct cable was not included with your kit. When did you purchase your pixhack kit from us? Our most recent batch has the correct cable, but I remember you also have an issue with the power module so I think something strange is going on! Best to send and email and we will get it all fixed for you.

Otherwise this guide will show you how to use the other cable.

Email sent look forward to hearing from you.

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@Milesy I just wanted to follow up with you to check the connector we sent you is all working ok now and that you did indeed receive it?