Cleanflight + FlySky IA6 Aux channel issue

I have the same freaking problem. Have been trying everything to figure this out. I can’t not get it to work in betaflight st all

Hi, re. my post of the 16 Nov

I’m out of the country now until 22nd Dec.
When back I’ll set this configuration up on the bench and see if I can bottom it out.
Sorry can’t get to it any sooner, hotel rooms in India aren’t as well equipped as my workshop :laughing: :laughing:
Steve :slight_smile:

Hey, Im new to this and i had the same problem with my Fly Sky Tx and my Rx Tgy ia6 (yes they work together). I had the exact same reaction, but only one aux was working (cable yellow) but the other cable wasnt ( this on a F3 SP FC). What i did was checking the connections of the cables to the FC, and it turns out my yellow cable wasnt in all the way!! Just put back in and TADAAA i have the 2 aux working. Hope this helps!!!