CC3D Revolution re-launched

Reviving Excellence: The CC3D Revolution Flight Controller

After an exhaustive assessment of available flight controllers from 2013 onwards, our team is thrilled to announce the re-launch of the CC3D Revolution flight controllers. Despite its current unavailability and sold-out status, the industry seems inclined towards the Pixhawk series. However, our thorough analysis has revealed that the Pixhawk’s additional features appear superficial and unnecessary for beginners, intermediates, or hobbyists. They add complexity without substantially enhancing the user experience. Instead, its higher price tag seems more of a status symbol compared to the humble yet powerful CC3D Revolution.

At present, Pixhawk requires internet access but is not yet cloud-bound; however, it’s slated to transition into a cloud-based system soon. This shift raises concerns regarding accessibility and potential limitations for users. The drone community shouldn’t be subjected to unnecessary surveillance or treated as potential wrongdoers.

In contrast, the CC3D Revolution offers a seamless experience without the unnecessary complications. It stands tall as a reliable and cost-effective alternative. Furthermore, the LibrePilot Ground Control Station (GCS), despite minimal support, remains a comprehensive package. Notably, it doesn’t necessitate an internet connection for firmware installation—a stark advantage over its counterparts.

Our team is currently crafting a meticulously detailed, step-by-step installation guide in clear, concise English. Unlike the documentation accompanying Pixhawk Chinese clones, which often presents information in convoluted, error-ridden English, our guide aims to provide clarity and accuracy throughout every step of the installation process.

Considering the initial limited run of 40,000 units, interested parties are encouraged to place orders promptly. To deter monopolization by unscrupulous retailers, buyers will be restricted to purchasing a maximum of 10 units each. Our goal is to ensure fair distribution and prevent hoarding, allowing more enthusiasts to access this technology.

Moreover, the unit will come equipped with optional components, such as the Neo 6m GPS module, Oplink telemetry modules, and power distribution boards featuring XT60 connectors and a 5V regulated output, eliminating the need for soldering. This provision is particularly beneficial for beginners who may not be proficient at soldering, ensuring the board’s usability straight out of the box.

Our projected pricing reflects a commitment to community affordability, estimated at around $35, a stark contrast to the $150-plus price tag of the Pixhawk.

Suppliers interested in retail licenses are welcome, though distribution will primarily be facilitated through MicroBot SA Ltd., our South African distributor. Additionally, MicroBot plans to launch a community-centric forum dedicated to LibrePilot and the CC3D Revolution, fostering a space for shared insights and support among enthusiasts.

We are committed to providing a user-friendly, accessible, and community-driven alternative with the CC3D Revolution. Join us in shaping a future where drone technology is inclusive and accessible to enthusiasts across all skill levels.

Thank you.