CC3D Flight Controller Guide

It is possible as you can use custom mixing, but your vehicle type is not officially supported out of the box and I have never done this with a CC3D board, but it is definitely possible.

Hey Alex, I’ve just grabbed an eachine falcon 250 with a cc3d (first drone ever). Is there a good way to tell what firmware flavour is on the flight controller. Is there any risk just connecting the cleanflight chrome app or the openpilot GCS and seeing what happens?
Guess I should clarify, I got it from another supplier, not your store. But they’re in China and less than helpful :pensive:
Thanks in advance

You can connect the CC3D to the configuration software and see the version number installed without affecting any of the settings
I think Alex @unmannedtech1 has produced a guide for CC3D, have a search, it will help you.

Steve :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve,
I gave it a run with Libre Pilot and Clear Flight and neither of them detect it. Given the source of the quad I’m not convinced its a genuine or compliant CC3D so I’ll order a bare one and flahs it up myself.

Thanks for the response though :smile:

Hi, I am a complete newbie to all this so apologies if I get anything wrong! I am looking at using an arduino in combo with the CC3D and a ToF sensor. I would hugely appreciate any help you could give me! Thanks

I am also trying to accomplish this task can anyone please assist us in this endeavour.

I have a new (3/30/17) CC3D controller. I have gone through all the setup and get expected responses except the “arm” function does not work with the command that I have saved, or any other. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!

Presume you are using latest librepilot , (16.09)
Craft must be still whist arming.
Throttle must be zero. (+check tx throttle curve is at zero )
On the ’ rc input tab ’ , if you have a channel assigned to a function ( i.e. Gimbal or buzzer ) that is not connected then it wont arm ( set to 'none '. And 'disabled ')
If using switch to arm :
Check on ’ rc input tab ’ that the switch is assigned and works.
Make a note of settings , then try changing the neutral value by a few points.
If using stick to arm , arm position must be held for a few seconds ( and nothing else moved.
Double check that the saved 'green tick ’ happens.
Have a look on system health - FC won’t arm if there are warnings there.

UXG Great response! It will take some time before I can go through suggestions. Will report back. Thanks!!

I am getting the motors armed now and they run but only in the top 90% of the throttle control. I have played with the numbers but cannot cause any change in the range of the throttle control. ??

Well that’s good it’s arming.
Standard thing would be redo esc calibration
Check for odd tx throttle curve
Check throttle looks ok on input page
Check motor idle/ neutral on output page

Well back to square one. Now I have no control with radio. Shows “no activity” at top of screen. I changed receivers and tested recvr off line with radio. Works fine. I have looked several places to determine pin out for signal wires and find different configuration with each and various color schemes. I have trace physical location and followed the scheme above and that was working before. However another account claims that the blk/red/white wire combo is the throtlle. Please verify. Suggestions for “no receiver activity” indication appreciated. Thanks for previous answers, I have those documented in case I get back to that point. LOL
Just discovered the recvr pinout connector on the CC3D board fell off. (solder joints released.) Guess I am ready to go back to NAZA.

Hi there i have a zmr 250 quad I’m currently building. I have a spektrum ar9000 rx but cannot figure out how to connect it to the CC3D flight controller.
I have checked all the posts to do with CC3d and receivers. i was trying to connect the receiver into the IO flexiport and then connect the receiver but it seems the connections for the aileron, elev, etc are not compatible as they came with the quad? I am totally new to all this, i have only ever bought RTF items before and have limited experience with electronics…
All the videos on youtube show single connections to the receiver which has confused me even more.

What do i use from the ZMR kit i bought to connect the receiver…can you help?
Many thanks

If you look at the first post - the second picture after the first two videos , that’s the cable you need.
You are using pwm , which uses a wire per channel.
(Not sure about the order of cables that is then mentioned - am used to throttle (
And power) being ch 1 , but if you use set up wizard on librepilot , should work in any order )

(( also - fao unmannedtech , subsequent motor order diag for quad is not what I’m used to - usually designated on LP as :
1 nw
2 ne
3 se
4 sw

Great stuff thanks so much…

Actually i tried installing the LibrePilot software from but after installing it the app started crashing!!! Please help!!!

Don’t use LibrePilot its one of the oldest firmware’s out there.

use betaflight instead.

Download the configurator:

and flash your FC with BF3.5.4

thanks bro…but before i saw your reply i re-downloaded the software it it works…will try yours if things not go in the right direction…cheers!!

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Are you 100% positive that BF 3.5.4 will run on an F1 board? I stopped using a CC3D because it wouldn’t run CF 1.14… Just sayin’…