CC3D Flight Controller andFlySky FS-R6B receiver

Please excuse me if I am posting this question in the wrong forum. Wrong either because the question belongs in another forum or because the question is too simple to be posted here.

I am attempting to build a Quad based on the DIY Drones for the Evil Genius book. I have questions about probing voltage levels on both my CC3D and my FlySky FS-R6B receiver. After several hours I was successful calibrating my CC3D, but when I tried running through the Transmitter Setup Wizard I had no success. It seemed as though the receiver did not have power so I hoped it would be a worth while exercise to measure voltage levels on both the CC3D and the receiver.

With the CC3D plugged into the PC (running Windows 10) and a battery plugged in, I am trying to probe both the CC3D and the RX.
Measurements are as follows:
+3.3 volts measured at regulated +3.3 voltage point on board (with voltmeter ground on USB shield ground) as well as other traces or points on the board.
+0.8 volts between ground and Vcc at the 6 Servo Outputs (I have seen this voltage as low as 0.3 volts)

I have never measured 5 volts anywhere on the CC3D board. The Arris30A Simonk 2-6s ESCs should provide 5 volts to the motors according to instructions.

My main question is shouldn’t I be able to measure the 5 volts that the ESCs provide to the CC3D flight controller board and then shouldn’t I be able to measure this same voltage on the FlySky FS-R6B receiver ?

Secondary questions would be; I have not armed anything and I am assuming I shouldn’t have to, correct ?

Do I have a proper setup to be able to make these voltage measurements ?

Thanks In Advance for any Help Offered


It has been over a year since I have touched a CC3D flight controller so I am abit rusty on the specifics. We do have a guide here that might help. I cant remember if the CC3D will provide power to a reciever when plugged in via USB only, but I suspect that it will not so you need to connect battery power.

For the receiver not getting power:

  1. First measure the voltage coming from an ESC to confirm it is actually outputting 5V (also if all 4 ESC output power, you should disconnect the power from the other ESC so only one is sending power to your FC)
  2. Check the receiver power output has power on the receiver port (red and black wire)
  3. Make sure your receiver is connected correctly to the FC
  4. If receiver is getting power, but does now have any LED, maybe the receiver is faulty.

Thank You so much for your response. I’ll follow your suggestions and test the things out you mention. Thanks Again !