Can i get any help with crossfire nano rx please?

Hi guys I just installed a crossfire nano rx into my quad I’m using the hobbywing stack I have connected my rx and tx from the nano to the fc tx to rx and rx to tx on uart3. I have binded the reciever to the micro tx module but when I go into betaflight ports tab and select serial rx on uart3 and selected the crsf protocol in config tab I’m not getting any imputs on the receiver tab. Does anyone know if uart3 on the hobbywing f4 g2 is inverted or not and if so is there a way I can try turning it off in the cli. I really wanted to use that uart3 so I didn’t have to solder anything to the board and keep the build more tidy.
Any help would be much appreciated thanks guy’s

Have you binded the Crossfire Rx to the module in your radio and set your radio to use the module ?

Hi doomed fpv thanks for the reply yeah I’ve turned off internal antenna and turned on external dodule and binded if all up I get solid green light on both rx and tx.
Could it be anything to do with the firmware I flashed to the board I seen omnibusf4sd (airb) and omnibusf4sd (legacy) I went with the latest legacy version.

couple of things to check…

RX and TX are from the same UART on the FC

Crossfire TX goes to RX on FC
Crossfire RX goes to TX on FC

Have you also selected serial and crossfire in the configurations tab?
(just noticed date of last post, you’ve probably resolved this by now :slightly_smiling_face:)