BetaFPV 85x HD DSMX Bind Issue

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I recently got into FPV and I received the BetaFPV 85x HD DSMX yesterday. I’ve spent a lot of hours on Betaflight configuring my drone. I was able to get it flying by configuring arm/flight modes, bind command, and protocol selection. I spent at least 3 hours getting my channel endpoints to be 1000 and 2000 while trying to maintain a 1500 midpoint. I have one problem where the only way to bind to my Spektrum DX6 transmitter is to open betaflight and use “set spektrum_sat_bind=9” and then power cycle the drone. Once I have the drone bound to the transmitter, as long as I don’t turn off my transmitter, I can bind the drone as many times as I have batteries for it. The problem lies with getting the DSMX receiver to go into bind mode which it seems like it won’t without a Betaflight command. Does anyone have this issue or a resolution to this issue? I am using Betaflight 10.6.0. Also, one time after setting everything up on Betaflight, I go to fly, and when I came back and opened Betaflight, it erased all my settings…very frustrating. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to hear from you.
I’ve already done “set spektrum_sat_bind=9” “save” and “set spekrum_sat_bind=0” “save” and when I finished the bind process I couldn’t get the drone to bind without using betaflight bind command. I really don’t want to bring my laptop out to field every time I fly Confused