Betaflight: Setting motor output to none on F4 flight controllers

Hi, I have asked on RCGroups with no replies, so here I am!

I am in the planning stages of a summer project. The goal is to create a quadcopter and fixed-wing hybrid. I propose using two flight controllers, one to control the two aspects of flight: quadcopter stage and fixed-wing flight. My question is: is there a way for a motor pin to be set to “null” to have it output nothing?

I’m pretty new to Betaflight, but if there was such a way to do this, I presume that simply setting the value to 0 is different from having it deactivated or something.

The reason why I want this is because I plan switch from VTOL to fixed-wing flight via an AUX switch on my Taranis. The receiver’s output will be split between the two flight controllers; in one flight controller, when AUXn is up, the quadcopter aspect is active and the aircraft operates like a quad, and in the other FC that controls the ailerons, elevator, and rudder, the controls are null and disabled. Conversely, when switching to fixed-wing flight, the FC controlling the ailerons, elevators, and rudder is active, and the quadcopter FC is outputting null to the motors.

I hope I was clear in my question. Thank you.