Beginner programmable (python) drone-kit for present - doesn't actually have to *do* anything. Cheap


My partner is a data scientist/programmer by trade and I’d like to buy him a quadcopter/drone-kit he can build & program for Christmas. However, my personal knowledge in this field is limited.

What I’m struggling to do is to separate what’s absolutely necessary from what people want because they want a drone that will actually do stuff. My partner will want to write python scripts to make his drone fly when something happens on twitter, and because of where we live, it will pretty much be in the living room. He’s great at things like this, and if this wasn’t a surprise I’d ask him!

I’ve read a few of the beginner guide posts: so frame, motors, flight controller, battery, charger, controller

This appears to be cheap & in stock (sorry, I’ve only not been a student for 5 months - cheap as possible - he can upgrade later.)

What I’m a bit confused about it is the controller: he will want to use the python drone kit to write something. His brother has a remote controlled quad-copter already, which is fun, but not as fun as programming it (apparently!). Does this mean that I need an autopilot of some-sort - one he can plug into his computer (linux compatible, preferably). Or can you pre-program the flight controller, if I get a fancy one with usb adapter, and save on this bit?

Is crazyfile what I actually want? Is it actually cheaper to just get one of those?

I apologize that I know so little about this world but you can assume that the supposed user is competent in electronics (we have a soldering iron etc.) and a proficient programmer and that I know enough to be… literate in most of the jargon. Any recommendations for parts would be brilliant - he’ll probably send you a thank you message :smile:

Hi and thanks for asking a question on dronetrest :smile:

In my opinion if its something that your partner will use for programming and development I will say the crazyflie 2.0 would be the best option by far as it fits your requirements exactly. This is because the crazyflie has been designed to be a flying development platform. Not only is it very small and safe to fly indoors, it also has the accompanying software libraries to make development easy, even in python!

We do also sell a relatively cheap ZMR250 FPV quadcopter kit, but it is abit too powerful and big to fly inside a house (unless you have a realy big room). However this quadcopter is more designed to be used for FPV racing and not so much programming, but it is fun to fly. You will also need some other equipment to complete the kit. It might not be the ideal option but still worth considering as a cheaper starting point.

If you have any other questions just let me know and I will be happy to help