Small programmable quadcopter with vision and IMU sensors

Dear DroneTrest,

I am looking for a programmable quadcopter system suitable for the development of autonomous navigation capabilities within indoor environments. However, I am very new to the field of quadcopters and I am looking to hopefully get some help as far as getting the right hardware goes.

My main criteria are:

  1. It needs to have a vision sensor and IMU system onboard to enable the quadcopter to navigate on its own
  2. I would like it to be as small as possible (the size of the crazyflie 2.0 is perfect but it doesn’t seem to support a camera as far as I’m aware?)

I am not particularly concerned about flight time and cost at the moment. The key is that I would like to be able to program it in Python or C++ etc.

Would you be able to offer any recommendations based on these requirements?
While a fully-made drone would be advantageous, I am prepared to build my own if necessary but some guidance on this would be much appreciated!

Kind regards,

Hey cuebong,
I have never heard of a in C++ programable FC…
Im coding myself but i dont know if you cant write something like that in C++.
Im pretty sure that its not possible in Python because its in my oppinion useless…
My advise would be to check out some Open Source Multicopter Software and try to put it on something like a brushless Tiny Whoop… (You will need an other FC for that…)


Which language
do you mean with Python, C++ etc ?