Balance board board tecnich : QUESTION?

Can I use my balence board to balance cells that are more than . 5 per cell out of balance ? Or even 1.0 out of balance ?
Not charging them. Just hooking cells up for like ten minutes on the board no charging.
I have noticed if I hook cells up 4 to 5 minutes they all balance out equally . Even if there point five apart. Once again no charging is enabled. They’re just hooked to the balance board and balancing themselves out. Can I charge safely and properly this way after balancing them on just the board even if they’re 1.0 apart?
So balance board only for 5 to 10 minutes then check cells and charge .

If they are all equally balanced it should be no Problem to parallel charge them.
Please keep the Risks in mind that come with Parallel charging and the “balancing with parallel board”.

Yeah, never do parallel charging if your cells are not approximately balanced! If you wait a a couple hours before charging the cells will self balance as the voltages equalise across all the cells.

I’m charging 3 s 450mah tattoos.
They really don’t take long to equalize . If there . 5 off about 2 to 3 minutes. If there 1.0 off about 5 to 6 minutes.
I put them on the board in a cascading fashion . Like or close cells first. As the lower cells equalize they come up slightly with the higher cells. I add the higher cells next and so forth.
Up to a 1.5 difference so far.
I’m still doing testing to see how long the cells Take at 1 .8 & 2.0 apart.
They are the same charge times as usual.

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I’m still working on getting more batteries . So I can wait until a few hours as of now I charge 12 cells 3 times a day . I’m trying to pound away at learning to fly.