Attach a heatsink to Eachine ETX526?


The Tx gets abit hot when using so…
Can anyone tell me if I’m going to do this correct?
I’ll do it somewhat similar to this video -

I don’t know what to use to wipe it before applying the heatsink.
Any comments?

Its normal for a VTX to get warm.

The air flow of a quad in flight will keep it cool.
Setting it to a lower power output will help too… 25mW or 200mW

You are saying:

If it does not hurt when touching it, it is okay…
Maybe show us a picture on how you mounted your VTX so we can comment on that.
Also mounting the VTX, so it presses against the Carbon fibre plate, will help it stay cool :sunglasses:

Also check your Antenna. If it is very damaged, replace it.