Are there any simulator apps available that I can use with my IRIS+ transmitter

I have an Iris+ drone & would like to use the transmitter hooked up to a simulator to hone my flying skills, is there anything available? I want a proper simulator rather than a game I can play on my iPad or Android device.

I know there is nothing like real world experience but the weather here is terrible at the moment…

There are many flying simulator, most of transmitters are trainer ready.

I may not know what was available in your region so I cannot suggest any brands for you.

As for me I used a WFLY-06 and REFLEX flying simulator. REFLEX aren’t so bad, but it may help yourself to muster orientation from distance and FPV.

Happy Flying!

In my experience its usually much easier to buy a cheap USB simulator radio as you dont need to care about batteries etc…

But in terms of a great Drone/FPV style simulator I would suggest aerosimRC as it has many quadcopter platforms and also a cool FPV simulation mode too. It is also compatible with the FlySky FS-TH9X which the IRIS+ uses. The graphics are not particularly great but it gets the job done for quadcopters.

Another great simulator (abit more expensive) is Phoenix sim. But its more of a general RC simulator and has a couple of quadcopter models that you can fly with too.