Apm 2.8 with ublox m8n problem

On connecting the gps module I get a flashing blue light on the board but no light on the gps board. Have left blue flashing led for 30 minutes with no satellites linked.

Board arms well in stabilise mode but not any modes that require gps.

Sounds like there could be a fault with the GPS module, but its most likely that the connector is not connected correctly, or the cable/soldering is loose so that is what i would check first.

Thanks for the reply have checked gps unit connections and all seem good

When I connect the battery through the power module the red and ble led will flash for a few moments then the blue goes out and the red continues to flash the blue led in the gps module is continuous

Connect the usb no change just red flashing led

Disconnect the battery blue and red flash, now there is no led in the module, have left this state for extended periods with no change, if I connect in Apm planner both red and blue LEDs go off,

More information

If I connect the usb satellites are acquired and I get a gps lock as soon as I connect the battery all satellite links are lost and the blue led on the controller goes out. Disconnect battery and usb and re boot mission planner and reconnect usb then satellites are acquired again. This is the same whether jp1 is fitted or removed

Hmm, that does sound like something is not quite right as it seems your board is not powering the GPS module when its connected via battery. Are you powering your APM via an ESC or directly via the power module? Also I assume you see all the LED’s flashing on your APM when the USB is disconnected and the battery is connected?

Hi Alex, power through power module only, positive and earth cables not connected to the output s, only the signal cable from the esc, I have borrowed a gps module from a fellow flyer and it locates satellites no matter whether power coming from power module or from usb or both. I have notice if line voltage drops to around 7.6v the gps will work however if voltage gets to 7.8v it stops. Noticed this when I attached the fvp transmitter which was bring the voltage down. My friends functioning gps leads me to believe there is a problem with the gps module

Alright, the GPS port on your APM should only be 5V, are you saying that your GPS connector is sending 7.6v to the GPS module?

Sorry voltages should read 4.6v and 4.8v, not. 7.6 and 7.8 respectively