Neo 8 gps to apm mini

Hello all,
I am trying to connect the neo 8 to an apm mini, can it be done and is there any info or diagrams to help me get it right ?

For APM you will need a 5 pin connector, which goes to the GPS port, I am not sure what pinout your GPS module has, but this post should help:

The Mini APM has 6 connections in one block,
5v and GND, RX & TX for GPS, SDA & SCL for the compass.
Most GPS pucks for APM come supplied with a connector to big for Mini APM cut it off and splice the six wires to the lead that came with the Mini APM
My wire colours, on GPS puck, are
5v - red
GND - black
RX - green
TX - yellow
SCL - brown or purple
SDA - White

See image below for positions on board
MINIAPM3.1.pdf (1.3 MB)

Hope this helps
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Steve…my wires for TX and RX are the reverse of yours and my SCL is blue :joy::joy:. Kept me guessing…might make some progress with the build now !!

Good luck, let us know how you get on
Steve :slight_smile:

It a pity they can’t standardised the colour of wiring looms as it seems to depend on where you get your parts from…I’ve had the gps out of its case and made a drawing of which colour is what feed and with the photos you posted I think it should be easy enough :wink:

Sounds like you are on top of it now
Good luck
Steve :slight_smile: