Achilles diversity module by furious fpv

any reviews or comments on this ?
can I assume it has the same functionality as the realacc rx5808 pro plus osd ?

Yeah it’s the same firmware, but built by furiusfpv… and it’s the official hardware for Achilles going forward so you know it will work well and support all the features. But if you already have a realacc / pro58 module that works then I don’t really see any reason to use this one over them.

But if you don’t have any I would go for this one as it will be easier to update and furiusfpv build good products.

Am looking for my first diversity module .
May well get this one from yourselves.
Bit dearer but probably worth the difference to get ut support, and of course the red cover ,!

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Thanks, appreciate that :slight_smile: Achilles is awesome and we will not let you down with support should you need any!

Bother !
Just got enough pocket money together to get one and they’ve sold out !
Have subbed to notification.
We looking at weeks /months / ?

Sorry about that :frowning: it’s been abit more popular that we expected!

We should get some more in about 2 weeks, hopefully sooner