True-D X footage.. maybe some competition for Rapidfire?

The last few days both furiousFPV and others have been releasing some sample footage of the all new true-D X module which does fancy signal processing like that used on rapidfire modules.

The first video is from FuriousFPV themselves, they dont offer much information so its safe to assume you can take this with a pinch of salt. The only info they have is that both receivers are using omni antennas… But I think its abit strange as the true-D does seem to crap itself alot more than expected at the start of the video. It is also supposedly just with one pilot flying… the real test would be with multiple pilots.

However there are a few samples out in the wild and youtuber Gal Kremer has a module and will be releasing actual test footage in a few days. For now he just has an in depth firmware overview showing off all the features you can expect…

tl;dr its got everything you love from the true-d, with OSD! (and supposedly fancy signal processing)

I will keep this post updated as more infor is released as we are begging furiousFPV to send us a sample unit for review… but we will get them in stock when they are finally released.

Looking like the true-d-x might just be as good as rapidfire in terms of multipath rejection… based on the fact that this is still development firmware running on it :+1:

True-D X doing very nicely keeping pace with the RapidFire