ZMR280 arms or frame needed

Hi there

I’m looking for a UK source of either a whole ZMR280 frame or just the arms (for spares). I’m happy to use other arms as I can drill out new fixing holes if needed. I’d quite like thicker arms (4mm?) anyway. Any pointers welcome!

I’m running 2206 motors, existing arms are about 105mm end to end


I cant help immediately as we no longer sell that frame at our shop. However if you relay are struggling to find any spare parts we could order some in specially for you as I am sure one of our suppliers still have some of them in stock.

Not sure about mounting holes, but if you can share a pic of the arm/frame you are looking for that would help as sometimes there are several different names for the same frame.

Hi Alex

thanks for the reply. I was hoping to use a UK supplier but ended up ordering off Ebay from China… It’s really hard to find proper dimensions of any drone frame or spare arms. I think the difference between the ZMR250 and ZMR280 is just the body length ? I think the arms are the same but I’m open to being told different!