Yuneec Q500 camera move

If I buy a Yuneec Typhoon Q500G with GoPro mount, can I dismount the GoPro mount and mount a Yuneec Q500 4K’s native camera instead and get the same video link with the remote STD10+?


Yes I do beleive that is possible as the basic q500 quadcopter is the same. However I have never used a gopro version of the yuneec q500 as all the ones we sell are just the Q500 4K CGO version, but since the CGO camera/gimbal is sold separately I am sure this will be possible. If you want to send us an email on our shop we I can help you with how to order one and I can call our yuneec technician to double check if this is possible before you order anything.

Hi Alex, I mailed you on the support address

Hi ! Yes you can without any problema but …

I am wondering why you bought a G if you are forced now to invest 600 bucks in a Yuneec 4K camera.
Was better to buy the 4K first and pay less.

I didn’t buy a G I already had the camera and needed a standalone Q500 to mount it on.

AH !OK ! Now I understood !